Residential Property Pricing

Residential Property Pricing

Our residential property team collectively have over 70 years of collective experience in delivering outstanding service to our clients in all aspects of Residential Property; with particular expertise in sale, purchases, re-mortagages and transfers.

We have five members of the team who may work on your matter, all with extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, and all of whom are supervised by Andrew Burrows, Director and Head of Residential Property.

Residential Property Purchase Or Sale

We have developed a calculator to allow you to generate an estimate of costs associated with purchasing or selling a residential property. We have compiled a list of questions from which we will generate an estimate of costs to share with you on screen. Please be aware that the costs are displayed exclusive of VAT, and based on the information you have shared with us.

We can check the information that you have provided and we can give an accurate cost estimate over the phone by you speaking to one of our Client Services Team.

Costs associated with Purchasing or Selling could be affected by the following factors:

  • Whether the transaction is purchased or sold via an auction.
  • Complexity or urgency for completion and or exchange of contracts; this would be discussed before agreeing to instruct Tinsdills.
  • Length of chain.
  • If the tenure of the property is leasehold, additional costs will be incurred.
  • Whether or not you are having a mortgage.
  • The number of people involved in purchasing the property.
  • If you discover building regulations or planning permission has not been obtained for alterations of the property.
  • Cost related to the property being registered or unregistered at the HM Land Registry.

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    Stamp Duty

    Stamp duty is a personal tax which is applicable if you buy a property or land over a certain price in England and Northern Ireland.

    This can be calculated using the government websites, for purchases or transfers in England,

    For purchases and transfers in Wales follow this link for more information,


    The cost for a residential property Remortgage with the team at Tinsdills is fixed cost at £450 excluding VAT, if the property is a Buy to Let, the fee for a Remortgage is £550 excluding VAT. Other likely charges in association with a Remortgage include:

    • Telegraphic transfer fee of £30 excluding VAT.
    • Depending on whether the property has a mortgage or not, and the instructions of your new lender, you may require either a search indemnity policy of around £40 or to complete full searches on the property. The cost of the searches fluctuates depending on the location of the property; around the local area to Tinsdills, these range from £122.33 to £160.53 excluding VAT.
    • Official copies of the register of title are £6 per copy.
    • We will need to carry out a bankruptcy search; this is £2 per person.
    • Fees are also due to the Land Registry, depending on whether the title of the property is registered or unregistered; this is on a sliding scale which depends on the price of the property (see Scale 1)
    • If there is more than one tenant on the property or more than one agreement in place, then this would be classed as a commercial property, and costs listed here would not be applicable.

    Example 1

    Remortgage on a property of £120,000 in Stoke-on-Trent, which is not used for letting, is registered, has currently got a mortgage on it and is owned by two people.

    Legal Fees – £450
    Telegraphic transfer charge – £30
    Search Indemnity Policy – £40
    Official Copies – £6
    Bankruptcy Search – £4
    Land registry Priority Search – £3
    Land Registration Fee – £30

    Total Price (excluding VAT) – £563

    Example 2

    Remortgage on a property of £120,000 in Stoke-on-Trent, which is used for letting, currently with one tenant or a cohabiting couple, does not currently have a mortgage on it and is owned by two people.

    Legal Fees – £550
    Telegraphic Transfer Charge – £30
    Official Copies – £6
    Bankruptcy Search – £4
    Land Registry Priority Search – £3
    First Registration Fee – £30

    Total Price (excluding VAT) – £623


    Depending on whether the Lender requires a Mining Search to be undertaken, this may incur an additional charge of £36.33. Local Authority Searches charged at £95.32 (Stoke-on-Trent but does vary on location) may be undertaken as an alternative to Search Insurance and are also dependant on whether it’s a Lender requirement.

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