Cyclist Sustains Facial Injuries after Hitting Potholes in Newcastle-under-Lyme
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Cyclist Facial Injury Claim in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Settlement: £46,500

Our client was cycling along a designated cycle path through a park in Newcastle-under-Lyme when their bicycle struck a number of potholes causing them to fall from their bicycle and sustain multiple injuries.

What Happened?

Following the accident, our client sustained extensive dental injuries requiring treatment with the future need for ongoing maintenance and restorative work. Our client also sustained further facial injuries and was left with scarring. In addition, our client sustained a fractured jaw that required wiring for a number of weeks making eating difficult. Our client also sustained orthopaedic injuries including permanent stiffness in a finger.


The local council initially denied liability. We informed the local council that we would, therefore, pursue matters on our client’s behalf including issuing court proceedings and a short while later liability was admitted.

How We Helped

We obtained reimbursement of all medical and dental costs that our client had incurred as well as costs of the future treatment that they would require.


Once all medical evidence was available, the insurers made an initial offer to settle our client’s claim of £38,500. We did not believe that this was sufficient for our client’s injuries and following negotiations, we were able to obtain the sum of £46,500.

Client’s Comments

Our client said “I am grateful for the professional help that you have provided, although I must admit that I was a little uncomfortable with the process at first. However, both yourself and your colleagues have always been open and helpful and I was reassured by your advice and I had no doubts in following it. I would have no qualms recommending you based on my experiences.”

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