Four-Figure Settlement After Stair Fall
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Stair Fall Claim

Settlement: £3,800

What Happened?

Our client attended the National Motorhome Show at the NEC. They were in the process of leaving a motorhome, using some custom-built wooden steps when they slipped, striking their knee and sustaining injuries.

How Tinsdills Helped

We argued that the steps were inadequate as they were wooden, they offered no slip resistance when in use and further, the steps had no contrasting nosing which meant it was difficult to distinguish one step from the next rendering the steps dangerous.

The Defendant denied liability stating the steps were safe and the accident was the fault of our client. Our client provided evidence that the steps had hazard tape placed on them after the accident and noted that industry guidance in respect of such steps did not appear to have been followed by the Defendant.


The claim settled before trial after the Defendant had sight of our client’s witness evidence.

Our client suffered a deep laceration to the knee which required minor surgery and has been left with a scar to the knee.

Our client accepted a payment out of Court in the sum of £3,800.

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