Icy Conditions Causes Worker to Sustain Substantial Head Injury
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Worker Sustains Substantial Head Injury in Icy Conditions

Settlement: £6,500

Our client was walking across the car park of her place of work when she slipped due to ice, causing her to fall and sustain a large laceration injury to the back of her head.

What Happened?

As a result of her injuries, our client suffered from daily debilitating headaches for a period of 5 to 6 months, with ongoing less frequent headaches afterwards which expert evidence advised would settle over a period of 18 to 24 months following the accident. Our client also had to take various short periods of time off work as a result of her headaches during the initial 6 months following the accident.


We argued that our client’s employers were responsible for the accident for failing to grit the staff car park, and the employer’s insurance company accepted liability for the accident.

How We Helped

We obtained independent medical evidence into our client’s injuries and gathered details of the additional financial losses caused by the accident, including our client’s loss of earnings for her time off work due to her headaches. We used this evidence to review the likely value of our client’s claim, and we determined that her injury claim was worth in the region of £6,000 to £7,000, plus any financial losses.

During settlement negotiations the employer’s insurance company refused to put forward an offer above £3,780 in respect of the Claimant’s injuries, so we issued our client’s claim at court so that it would be listed for a settlement hearing where a judge would review all of the evidence and set out how much compensation the claimant should receive.


At the settlement hearing, the judge agreed with our valuation of our client’s injuries and set out an order that our client should receive compensation in the sum of £6,500 for her injuries, plus all of the financial losses as claimed.

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