Machine Severs Finger Resulting in Five Figure Settlement
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Worker Severs Finger at Work

Settlement: £20,000

Our client was at his place of employment and was cutting a large sheet of plastic. He completed the task and turned off the machine using the only accessible off switch. Whilst moving the cut sheet of plastic with a colleague, it began to move and his hand came into contact with the blade which, notwithstanding being turned off, was still moving and cut across the fingers of our client’s hand.

What Happened?

Our client sustained nasty injuries to his fingers including amputation of the tip of his ring finger, cuts across the little and middle fingers and a fracture of the middle finger. He had to undergo three lots of surgery over time. Our client had to take four months off work following the accident and found alternative employment which he was able to continue with notwithstanding his injuries.


Liability was initially admitted before the insurers acting on behalf of the employers stated they would review matters and seek to potentially lay some blame for the accident on our client. We resisted this strongly and the insurers backed down and maintained the admission.

How We Helped

We ensured our client was receiving the correct treatment and dealt with legal matters on his behalf so that he could concentrate on recovering from his injuries. We obtained expert evidence to provide our client with a detailed explanation and prognosis in respect of his injuries and how they would be likely to affect him. Our client’s claim settled for the sum of £20,000.

Our client said, “I would just like to take the time to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this case. Thank you for everything you have done to get this across the line, I really appreciate everything you and your team have done for me.”

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