Pedestrian Struck by Car Sustains Back, Hip and Shoulder Injuries
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Pedestrian Struck by Car Injury Claim

Settlement: £20,000

Our client was walking along the pavement when a car, that had mounted the kerb, hit our client from the rear. Our client’s body hit the bonnet and they were thrown to the ground near to a resident’s front garden. 

What Happened?

Immediately after the accident, our client experienced severe back pain which radiated to the hips along with shoulder pain and widespread generalised body pain together with sleep disturbance and chronic fatigue. The accident also, regrettably, accelerated our client’s fibromyalgia symptoms which caused our client a great deal of suffering.


The insurance company acting on behalf of the driver admitted liability in full once we submitted the claim to them on our client’s behalf.

How We Helped

We guided our client through the claims and rehabilitation process and ensured our client was receiving the appropriate treatment to assist in making a speedy recovery as was possible.  We obtained appropriate medical evidence to support our client’s claim and treatment.


Once all of the medical evidence was available, we entered into negotiations with the driver’s insurers on our client’s behalf which resulted in a settlement of £20,000.

Client’s comments

Our client said:  “I would just like to thank you for all of the support you have given to me and everything you have done for me.”

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