Slip at Work Causes Ankle Injury
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Slip at Work Injury Claim

Settlement: £3,000

Our client was at their place of employment and noticed that there was an obstruction in an area in which our client needed to remove stock. Our client reported this obstruction to their line manager as they were unable to remove the obstruction themselves. The following day when they attended for work they once again had to retrieve some stock and the obstruction was still in place.  

What Happened?

When our client was retrieving stock, they slipped and injured their right ankle and fell forwards but fortunately not to the ground. Our client’s injuries to their right foot required time off work and for an orthopaedic boot to be worn for a month. 


Liability was denied by the insurers acting on behalf of our client’s employer who attempted to lay the blame for our client’s accident at her door. We strongly resisted this and issued court proceedings against our client’s employer. Shortly after the commencement of court proceedings, the insurers acting on behalf of our client’s employer conceded and settled our client’s claim.

How We Helped

We did not accept the denial of liability put forward by the insurers and issued court proceedings in order to obtain a settlement for our client. We ensured that our client received the wages that they had lost whilst they were off work following this accident. If the employer had not backed down, we would have pursued matters all the way to a trial before a Judge. Our client’s claim settled for the sum of £3,000.

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