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Personal Injury Rehabilitation

Nobody wants to have an accident or injure themselves. However, these things can happen and one aspect of personal injury claims that is frequently overlooked is the rehabilitation of victims after their accident. For this, we’re able to represent you as a rehabilitation claims specialist.

It may be that you have suffered an injury that requires specialist physiotherapy treatment, or after your accident you need support or medical treatment. We can help with this important part of personal injury claims, by engaging with your opponent’s insurers to access the rehabilitation course you need after an accident or injury.

Because of our years of experience and success with every element of serious personal injury claims, Tinsdills are best placed to advise you on your options in respect of personal injury rehabilitation.

There are different types of personal injuries caused by accidents, and the required rehabilitation depends on the type of accident and the circumstances. The co-operation of your opponent’s insurers is necessary and funding for rehabilitation is normally not available if liability for your injuries is denied.

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    The Purpose of Rehabilitation

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    Your individual medical and rehabilitation needs could be very specialised. It is important to identify exactly what medical treatment you require in order to aid your recovery as fully as possible, and Tinsdills have a track record of helping people do this as a rehabilitation claims specialist.

    You may have a variety of needs, such as physiotherapy, special transport to appointments or treatment because of your injuries, and perhaps even special equipment or recovery aids to assist with your rehabilitation. Naturally, depending on the nature and extent of your injury, you may also need help to gain employment again following your recovery.

    We frequently help people get the best rehabilitation options for their specific needs, and we believe that rehabilitation is a vital and important part of any personal injury claim.

    Access to early rehabilitation is encouraged by the ‘Rehabilitation Code’. By arranging an immediate needs assessment under the Rehabilitation Code, we can help you identify how your rehabilitation needs can be met, and if necessary ask for whoever you are claiming against to help meet those needs. This can be a difficult process, but as personal injury specialists, Tinsdills know what needs to be done to best achieve your rehabilitation.

    Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors are able to help you through the entire rehabilitation claims process. Tinsdills Solicitors will not overlook it, and we will fight for whatever you are legally entitled to.

    “I don’t think you can improve the quality of service and overall time and quickness that my case was dealt with, it was exceptional. If I am ever in need of a solicitor in the future I will be using Tinsdills without question and I would tell anyone I know to use your firm.”

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    Hear from our satisfied clients using our Rehabilitation Claims services. 

    “Thank you for helping make everything as easy and stress-free as possible. We really appreciate everything you have done and all the hard work you have put in.”

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